My Thoughts on Youtube’s Policy Change

What Happened with the policy?

Well, Today(July 3rd) youtube decided to make a change to their policy banning all videos that are “instructional hacking of phishing” videos.

Whats wrong with this?

Well, this “ban” also includes videos from creators such LiveOverflow and other people who don’t do any “bad” content, they just share educational videos on things to help people learn about information security. With the ban on youtube this makes it hard for anyone to learn anything about infosec and is going to force creators to goto other less used platforms and have less of a reach. This will hurt the community as a whole because people wont have such easy access to learning material.

Whats the alternative/What’s going to happen?

Well I forsee this going either one of two ways, 1) Youtube will revise the “ban” to allow informational and educational videos or 2) Youtube will continue with the “ban” and creators will be forced to move to other platforms such as Vimeo etc


I’ll post any updates here if there is any.