My Review of

Brief Description

Hackthebox is a online site designed for practicing and enchancing your penetration testing skills, featuring 20 ‘boxes’ and 58 challenges(as of time of writing), with every week a box being retired and replaced with a new one and a new challenge. Every box has a unique challenge and difficulty.

The Good

Hack the Box is a amazing to practice your pentesting skills, a great way to learn is by doing retired boxes(old ones) that have many write ups and video guides, you can either attempt them by yourself and read a writeup if you get stuck, or just follow along and learn the process. Another good thing is the variety of machines, each box is user submitted/developed and each challenge you have is unique, each box teaches you a new topic/skill.

The Bad

The only really “bad” thing I see is how populated the two free servers are, which really is such a small things to complain about rather then making you pay first you get access to a EU and US free and can upgrade to vip for around $12.50/month(USD)


Overall Hackthebox is a amazing site that can help you grow your knowledge, test out your skills and become better at what you do, it has alot of variety and things to learn and you should check it out.