Brave Browser - a Review

What is Brave?

Brave is a chromium based browser that revolves around its cryptocurrency BAT(Basic Attention Token), by default it has a ad-blocker as well as many other features

What Makes Brave different from other browsers?

Well, as mentioned earlier brave has a built in ad-blocker which will automatically block all ads and if you choose it will show you x/ads per hour and you will be paid for it in BAT. One of the key differences is unlike other ad blockers is you can still support the site’s in which ads you block by contributing BAT to them. You do this by specifying the amount of BAT you’d like to contribute a month and it will equally distribute this among the sites you visted, the sites you spend more time on will recive a higher percentage.

Daily usage.

For daily usage brave isnt much different then many other chromium browsers with ad blockers installed, its sleek, fast and smooth with no noticable drawbacks besides the typical chromium ram hoggyness.

Should you use Brave?

If your already using a chromium based broswer I think the switch to brave would benifit you, but if your using IE, Edge etc you should really switch.